Friday, January 23, 2009


Ok, so I don't really blog that much anymore. I just don't have the time for my long tirades or even the rants that once filled my day. More ofter than not, I'm doing homework or spending some time with my family. Weird, I know. But I still like to blog. Well I like to complain and bitch and have the illusion that people actually care about my simple ravings. Anyways....

I have bought MC Frontalot's new album, "Final Boss" and I have to say this may be his best work yet. I really like the new tracks, but I have a real hard time picking a fave. The title track has already made it's way on to my DM playlist (much to the fear and chagrin of my players). I also have to say that "Black Box" and "Diseases of Yore" are both really great tracks. "Canadia" also is a great track and has led me to explore the Canadian side of nerdcore. Really, this is a great album for fans of nerdcore, so if you don't have it, go buy it already!!!

Left 4 Dead has made its way into my X-Box much the delight and fear of my nervous system. So far the hype is not proven to me, but only because a strange sickness that has befallen the majority of my friends, rendering them unable to brave the zombie apocalypse with me. I refuse to go in to the untamed wilds of X-Box Live with this title, as teamwork is key, and their are far to many douches out there. So more when I am able to experience the true nature of this title.

Lastly, my friends have once more demanded me to have up the mantle of DM. Dixie has found that the role is not as fun as she wanted it to be and thrown in the towel. I am in the planning stages, but find that 4th edition is just not up to spec for my needs. If I wanted to play WOW, I would. I plan on taking everyone back through the portal to 3.5. Not quite sure what this game will be like, but I will be meeting with the players soon and making sure that we are all on the same page. More information to follow.

Well that's all from me to day. Off to C++ class. Wish me luck.