Friday, October 24, 2008

Two Different Styles Of Play

So Fable 2 came out this week and found its way into my grubby little mitts by means so twisted, dark and unholy that I dare not speak of it. The game has proven to be a most brutal mistress, demanding attention at all hours of the day and coercing me to skip classes in order to reveal in her forbidden acts of pleasure. It's been fun.

Last night my wife wrest the controller from my grip to give the game a try, and she promptly became just as addicted as I, but not in the same way. For me Fable has always been a way to not only kill massive amounts of baddies (a need that is met by almost every game I play) but is more about giving my darker and eviler impulses a healthy outlet, must like a GTA title. We've all had days where we would just like to chop the head off of the person who just insulted us, and it Fable you can, and the repercussions are minor, until the guards whoop up on you and throw you out of town(or you can just pay them to look the other way). My wife seems not to have these darker impulses. Where I would look for the way to earn the most money or XP in a given situation, her instinct is to help all those in need and plays the game in a very heroic way that reflects this. Case in point, early on in the game you are tasked with destroying a bandit camp that has been harassing the local trade road. After killing the leader of the bandits you find a group of people in a cage that had been caught for "forced labor". A man soon approaches to inform you that he has already paid for them and will be taking them with him. Not a fan of slavery in any form, I promptly chopped the man's head off. My wife on the other hand merely open the cage and let the slaves escape. While she did have to kill the man when he responded by attacking her, her first impulse was to let him go. I find this way of tempering her might with mercy to be interesting and yet another of the many things that I love about her so much. Weird, huh.

Also got to play my first game of 4th edition D&D this week. The rules are all still a bit vague to us but we muddled through. Our heroes fought their way to the small town of Fellspar, a town that has been beset by kobold raiding parties. Hired by the Storm Warden to end this, they found themselves infiltrating a cult of dragon worshipers and now are trying to find and kill the leader of the said cult. I plan on doing a more detailed synopsis on this blog or the HARPA web page when I get that up. I started the actually coding tonight and should have it up and running(albeit in a limited capacity) before the end of the year.

Well, I now find myself hearing the siren's song coming from my X-Box. Albion is beset by brutal monsters and evil men. Someone has to bring the harsh axe blade of justice down and sever the cruel mind from their rot filled hearts. Looks like that someone is me. Don't wait up.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Ok, I've never been to big on the whole birthday thing. I've always felt that trying to make a day be some happy occasion was just setting yourself up for failure. Plus, I really hate to be a bother, you know. I feel like "No, that's ok. I really don't need a party." I think that is because a childhood full of let downs. The most tragic moments in my life seem to come at time when I should have been the happiest. So, I really have to give thanks to my wife and friends who made this birthday maybe the best ever.

First, we decide to get a little get together going and just hang out at my friend house out in the middle of nowhere. Then when I get there, not only have they made a huge pot of chili and and a lagsana(both personal faves), they alsom made me a cake, and decorated it with a D&D Mini battle against a young green dragon. And it was marked with "Happy Birthday (Cake +2)". Then they also presented me with a brand new set of 4th Edition rulebooks (which I guess is thier way of telling me that they want to change editions lol). We spent the rest of the night skimming the rules, creating some new charecters and the watching Demon Knight.

Truly Lonnie, Chad, and Dixie thanks for a great night. I had alot of fun and it was something that I really needed after the last week of classes. Thank you.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleshed....Done!

OK, so I took the time to finish off TFU yesterday and I have to say I found the end a bit underwhelming. I'm not going to go into details right now to avoid giving anything away but suffice it to say the ending was trying just a little too hard to be cool that it kinda felt flat. But the biggest disappointment of the game has come after I have cranked the difficulty up for a second play through. Apparently, the Empire has found a way to make the stormtroopers armor stands up to twenty blows of a light saber. I mean I was expecting to be able to fight overwhelming legions of these white garbed baddies and was looking forward to some seriously insane battle, not just beating on the same five troops for half an hour. At best, I start to feel bad about the troops poor fate, at worst I find myself frustrated by a stormtrooper that. Will. Not. Die.

Basically all I'm trying to say with this is that I am really ready for Fable 2 to come out later this month. I have thousands of coins saved on Pub Games ready to outfit my new character and really I don't think that I can play through Mass Effect anymore. It's pretty bad when saving the entire galaxy begins to feel old hat. I seriously need a thick RPG to sink my teeth into before I go insane.

On the plus side, still doing good in my class. Web programming is really starting to get interesting now that we have gotten past HTML and CSS which I already know. We started JavaScript this week and I find it interesting and pretty easy so far. Here's to hoping that it stays easy.

Oh, just downloaded Winamp again. Like just right now. I just need something to listen to my music with that isn't going to gobble up my systems resources like crazy. Hopefully Winamp will do. If it does, I'm am going to start broadcasting music over nullsoft again, so that will be cool. Anyways it is about time to follow my beautiful wife off to bed. Take care.