Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Evolving the Zombie Apocolypse

So, yesterday saw the release of the latest in a long line of zombie video games as Left 4 Dead 2 hit store shelves and unlocked on computer HDD all across the country.  While adding some nice touches to the endless battle against the undead flesh eaters, I still find something missing.  Here I present my list of the top 5 things that need to added to the zombie apocalypse genre.

5. Non-linear Gameplay

This is perhaps the most obvious need in the current generation of zombie games. Prototype kinda did this, but the fact that you had superpowers kinda negated the whole fear for your life thing that I want in my zombie game.  Ideally, I want to play a game where the goal is just to get out of a city alive in the middle of the zombie outbreak.  Imagine trying to get through the streets of New York (or Raccoon City!!) with several million undead horrors between you and sweet, sweet freedom.  You could even mix it up with military troops that are trying to evacuate the city and end up just trying to contain  the damn outbreak. 

4. Animal Zombies

I have always loved the idea that the zombie virus could jump into animals, because let's face animals are bad asses.  From pit bulls to tigers, our world is filled with numerous animals that are built to kill and the only thing that keeps them at bay is the fact that they have learned to fear man.  But replace their instincst with the zombie blood lust and shit will seriously hit the fan.  Imagine trying to take out a zombiefied bear with a small pistol.  Good luck!

3. Bruce Campbell

I can't believe that this hasn't happened yet.  I mean, Bruce Campbell and zombies go together like chocolate and peanut butter.  I don't care if its a new Evil Dead game or if just shows up somewhere to help chop up the undead. All I know is that Campbell needs to show up in a zombie game, and soon

2. Vehicles

One of my favorite moments in all of zombie cinema is the end of the "Dawn of the Dead" when our band of plucky survivors roll out in a couple of armored battle wagons.  Sure everything goes to shit, but those moments are really cool as they blast and chop zombies while rolling across the the ruined city.  Or how about "Army of Darkness" when Ash comes out in that supped-up boat of a car with the huge spinning blade right there on the hood.  How cool would it be to pilot a jeep through streets of blood thirsty hordes intent of eating your face!

1. More story!!!

At first the simplicity of the zombie games was one of it's charms.  Left 4 Dead's "make it to the escape point" or Zombie Apocalypse's "don't get killed" were enough to keep our controllers gripped tight and our interest.  But now that the initial joy of being able to be a participant of the zombie outbreak, you can't help but wonder where did all these zombies come from?  And where is the military anyways?  And why is it so easy to get my hands on assault rifles.  While not answering these question is okay for a time, I think that we have passed that time now.  Let start exploring the causes of these events and flexing a bit more narrative muscle, shall we?

Now I just want to make it clear, that I do enjoy these games.  But as you grow and mature as a person, you want the stories you immerse yourself into to grow and mature as well.  These ideas are just things that I think will help the emerging zombie genre.  Either way, these are fun games that will sell and will continue to keep us ready for the inevitable rise of the zombies.


Anonymous said...

I think you're awesome. ^-^

Anonymous said...

I have been searching for the same

would love non-linear type survival game or fallout type zombie total conversion.